Welcome to our PRODUCTS section!

- Please stay tuned while we update some of the products in the rotary scene! Just a few of our items are listed below. Here is some more info regarding out throttle body kit:

- The RxParts Throttle body incorporates a progressive throttle linkage for improved driveability over competitor units. Ours is "o-ringed" to the manifold and a "hat" for better high boost sealing. Our throttle body shafts ride on bearings instead of bushings and also come complete with the o rings, throttle position sensor, and new hardware to secure to manifold. The hat is also secured to the intake via a chromoly stud that goes through the throttle body into the intake manifold, which means no leaks and no striping of bolts when removing and installing the hat. We have cars that run our intake combo up to 65psi with no issues.

- Stud Kits

- Fuel Rails

- Pulley Kits

- Side Mount Alternator Bracket

- Side Mount Fuel Pump Kit

- Oil filter relocation

- Waterpump adapter

- Microtech ECU's

Throttle Body Complete Kit

- Kit includes 4 barrell Throttle body, 4 barrell intake manifold, top hat with center sealing stud, v band kit. (We sell individual parts separately as well, email us for details)

PRICE: $1800.00


MRxparts Apex Seals 2 MM

- Six 2mm Rxparts Apex Seals for 13B. These are the seals used in some of the fastest Rotaries in the world. These seals are designed not to break, they will warp before causing any damage. These seals will handle a higher EGT than other seals on the market. Keep in mind that EGTs for cars running methanol are much lower than cars running gas (C16, Q16 etc)

PRICE: $500.00 W